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For the past several years, Kristen Thomas has had a vision of a world where interior design and lifestyle design intersect. A philosophy of designing spaces that truly elevate the lives of the people who live in them. As the founder and owner of Studio Thomas, an interior design and architectural firm based in Denver, Colorado, Kristen and the Studio Thomas Team have been implementing her philosophy with every home design … creating each space with the intention of enhancing the everyday.

Kristen was ready to take the Studio Thomas philosophy one step further. The name K.Thom kept popping up in her mind. The letter K is in honor of Kristen’s father, Karl Leavitt, who passed away on November 15, 2000. He was a huge influence in her life and many others, and he was known as big K. The combination of the letter K and her last name Thomas just felt right. K.Thom initially began as a phrase we use in our studio to describe a philosophy of living a certain way. A way to describe in one word, our aesthetic along with our commitment to design our client’s spaces intentionally to elevate their lifestyle. We would see a beautiful space, a well-crafted product or experience something wonderful and say “that’s so K.Thom”.

With the desire to reach more people with our philosophy of intentional living, we would like to introduce you to K.Thom, our exclusive selection of hand-crafted products designed to elevate the everyday. So much more than beautiful products, K.Thom is an ethos that signifies our aspiration to make the most of our everyday routines and our surroundings.  

Inspired by the principles of quality over quantity and the desire for timeless and authentic beauty, we hope to be a resource for living well and fostering the good life for our community.

Welcome to K.Thom.